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Ford was created  partially was to help others with valuable information I learned about building a successful website.  I created a centralized page that has all the useful information Ford has created for successfully developing and maintaining a websites and useful tools to help. This will make it easier for people to find information on my site about building a website, social media, and SEO.  I have listed below some of the important articles or pages I have written for developing a successful website.  If you have any questions or comments please leave a comment on that post or email me on my contact page.


For Just general information on SEO, Web developments, and trends in the internet checkout my SEO/ Web Consulting Blog.

Pages on web development*:

Essential Internet Tools =a list of tools that are very important to a webmaster for building and maintain his or hers website.

Important of Web Directories = Although Web Directories are not nearly as important as they once were; They are still very valuable so I have developed I list of decient directories that will let you submit your blog to them (Trust me it took a very long time to make this list).






*all of these pages are a work in progress,  I add to them as I come across information relevant to them.  They are constantly changing!


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