American Imperialism vs. European Imperialism part 3

The main reason why U.S. imperialism differed so much from European imperialism is in the way the countries were formed.  European countries had been around for close to a thousand years, and even newly formed nations like Germany believed that it was unifying a race established before Rome.  This was not the case with the U.S.  The U.S. had only been a nation for about 150 years, and, unlike any of the European nations, it was a colony before... Read More

American Imperialism vs. European Imperialism part 2

This is the second part of a three part series on the differences of American Imperialism verse European Imperialism.  If you would like to see the work sited you will need to go to part 3: The land that the U.S. annexed was also different than the land acquired by European nations.  The islands of Hawaii at the time of annexation were of a mixed population of Americans and indigenous. people.  While the indigenous. people did not want to be annexed,... Read More

American Imperialism vs. European Imperialism part 1

This is the first of a three-part series on a paper I wrote on American Imperialism verse European Imperialism called In what respects did American Imperialism differ from European forms of Imperialism at the turn of the twentieth century?.  The work sited  page can be found on part three of this series.  I hope you enjoy it please feel free to leave a comment.  I would love to get your feedback: The Background The nineteenth to early twentieth... Read More

The Internet: Destroying Entry Barriers

The Internet changed everything.  No other invention has revolutionized our world the way the internet has.  The computer came the closes to potentially affecting us more, but the internet tore geographic barriers.  It allows people on different continents to talk effortlessly through chatting or email. It has opened up limitless opportunities.  With the power of the internet a small business owner can instantly have access to the world market... Read More

What is needed for Economic Progress?

When England discovered the American colonies there were only a few natives and no capital structure, and by the time the colonies formed a new nation they had the population and resources to sustain a successful country.    The American colonies did eventually increase the standard of living for the people who lived there.   This rise in the standard of living is called Economic Progress.  Economic progress happens when the standards of living... Read More