The Internet: Destroying Entry Barriers

The Internet changed everything.  No other invention has revolutionized our world the way the internet has.  The computer came the closes to potentially affecting us more, but the internet tore geographic barriers.  It allows people on different continents to talk effortlessly through chatting or email. It has opened up limitless opportunities.  With the power of the internet a small business owner can instantly have access to the world market and compete with industry giants like Wal-Mart or GE.

Before the invention of the internet if a person were given the choice of being an average American Student or a genius in Bangladesh, India the American student would be the better choice because the American student had such better opportunities.  With the internet however the Bangladesh student has recaptured the advantage.  Clearly Americans and Europeans still have a better chance of success and more opportunities given to them, but the internet has given people from poorer countries a chance to compete.  It has given them the tools to connect with people who can help them succeed.

The internet has caused words like globalization to become a necessity for businesses not just an option to be explored in the future.  The internet has allowed for more specialization.  The Question for a viable business is no longer does my city or country want this product, but does the world want this product.  People can focus on becoming more specialized which allows for more efficiencies in the economy.  It is important for Entrepreneurs to take a hard look at this new environment the internet has created.  Because the environment is a lot different from how it was even 10 years ago.  The internet has created great opportunities in the world.  It is an adjustment for people who are not used to using it, but if they can adjust they will be rewarded handsomely.  It is important that entrepreneurs sit back and evaluate all the opportunities that the internet has created in our world.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  We shouldn’t let it pass us by.


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