Quintura: Visual Search Keyword Tool

Usually the hardest part of doing something is inspiration.  SEO is no different, over half of the battle in optimizing a site is picking and finding winnable keywords.  Sometimes thinking of the different variations of keywords can be extremely difficult. In order to think of the effective keywords you need to be able to put yourself in the shoes of your customers and think of words or phrase that they would type into search engines to look for... Read More

Google Insight: Comparative Keyword Tool

What is Google Insight? There are a lot of really great keyword tools on the internet for SEO. One of the coolest ones I just recently discovered was Google Insight. Google insight is a keyword tool that is similar to Google Analytics, Google AdWords tool, or FreeKeyword.Tracker. Google Insight offers a lot more customization and has some unique powerful tools for SEO. For example Google AdWords Tool allows you to search for a keyword and tells... Read More

Drop box Account Referral (Get 500 MB Free)

I am making a post about Drop box because I just signed up for a free  account.   Drop box is an online storage system where you can keep files safe.  It is for keeping files, and you can invite people to share folders with you.  Once you have shared a folder with a person, you both have access to anything that is in that folder.  This is great for working on a project with people you are not near or for sending items that are too large to... Read More