Quintura: Visual Search Keyword Tool

Usually the hardest part of doing something is inspiration.  SEO is no different, over half of the battle in optimizing a site is picking and finding winnable keywords.  Sometimes thinking of the different variations of keywords can be extremely difficult. In order to think of the effective keywords you need to be able to put yourself in the shoes of your customers and think of words or phrase that they would type into search engines to look for the product or service you are trying to sell.  That can be challenging enough as it is, but if you are in a mature market where most of the main key words have already been optimized for SEO.  You must then find niches within the market if you don’t think you can compete with the big boys.


Finding the Right Niche:

This can be even more difficult because these keywords or phrases are not the ones you would instinctively think of.  An extremely useful internet tool that I have found for keyword research and SEO is Quintura.  Quintura is a visual Search engine.  It allows the user to type in a phrase, but instead of just finding results, Quintura also has a visual cloud of related words appear with related categories.  The user can then look at the results or pick a phrase he or she hadn’t thought of.  If you were to go to Quintura’ s website you type in the keyword that you wanted to find and Quintura shows you a list of related terms.  These may be terms that you had not thought of.  You could then take those terms and do research on them to see if these new terms could be winnable keywords.  Here is an example of what it would look like when I typed in “dog boarding” in Quintura.

Quintura: See & Find Search Engine

My web company, Janus Web Consulting and Design, have recently been designing a website for a dog kennel in Cleveland, Ohio called A1 Bed and Biscuit. Quintura has returned a lot of information about keywords for dog boarding.  It tells me that other important keywords to dog kennels  like cat boarding, dog day care, and pets.  These could all be potential keywords for different pages on the site, and the more granular you get the better the result.


Quintura Site Search:

Quintura has recently released a really great tool for bloggers.  It is called Quintura Site Search. Quintura Site Search allows bloggers to submit their articles to site search and Quintura suggest useful tags and categories for the blogs.  This useful because bloggers are always trying to make their websites be as user-friendly as possible and a good way to do that is to have intuitive tags and categories.  I submitted a blog I wrote on Google Insight to see how it would work.  Here are the results:

Quintura analysis of Ford Jordan's Blog on Google Insight

Quintura is a great internet tool to help people find great niche Keywords that they otherwise would not have thought of.


Let me know what you think about Quintura or other good keyword tools you like to use?


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