Google Insight: Comparative Keyword Tool

What is Google Insight?

There are a lot of really great keyword tools on the internet for SEO. One of the coolest ones I just recently discovered was Google Insight. Google insight is a keyword tool that is similar to Google Analytics, Google AdWords tool, or FreeKeyword.Tracker. Google Insight offers a lot more customization and has some unique powerful tools for SEO. For example Google AdWords Tool allows you to search for a keyword and tells you how many times that keyword is searched a month in the world and in the USA. If you are a small business or a regional company those results are not very helpful. Google instant allows the user to specify by location. It also like FreeKeyword.Tracker in that it can suggest other keywords that you might be interested in. Finally part of Google Insight also incorporates stuff from Google Trends because it shows how the keywords have been searched over periods of time.



I thought one of the best ways to show the different uses for Google Insight is to give an example.  In the example a company is researching how often people search for three different animals, ie Dog, Cat, and Mouse.  The company has a blog that talks about animals and it is unsure of which animal it should talk about and if any of them are seasonal.  I will explain and show how the different features could be used while working through the example.


Entering information into the Search:

The first thing that the company would need to do input the keywords they are researching.  You can add as many keywords as you would like by simply clicking on the add search terms button.  One of the great features on Google Insight is that it allows you to filter the search results.  You can tell Google Insight that you are looking for images, websites, product, and News.  For this example they would want to look for websites.  If you leave the region as default it will show you results for the world, but being that this is an American company and its ad revenue will be American companies they are only interested in America.  Google Insight allows you to search all the way down to major cities, if you wanted to be that specific.   That can be really powerful.  For example I am currently building a website for Christian Assistance Network in Grove City, PA.  They are Non-profit disaster Relief Company.  They can use this tool to see how many times alcoholics or alcoholism is searched in the Pittsburgh area and get a feel for issues in their community.  You can also limit the date that Google shows you. You can go as far back as 2004 or as recent as “the last seven days.”  You can also search by different internet categories.


Google Insight Graphical Results (comparative over time):


The first graph that appears compares the results to each other over a period of time.  In our example dogs are clearly the most popular searched animal. The numbers are proportionate to the highest total.  So highest number of searches for dogs wound be 100 percent and everything else would be in comparison to that.  It looks like on average dogs where searched 82 percent of the highest number a month.  Cats were searched 39 percent a month, and rats were searched 5 percent.  All three of the terms seem to be pretty consistent thought the year for example.  “Fantasy Football” has huge spikes in searches right around September and August when people start to join leagues.  It is good to look at if your target keyword is seasonal because it could mean that your business could really drop of during the year at some point.  Based on these results it looks like dogs are the clear winner, cats are second, and rats are third.  Let keep looking at the other results though.



Google Insight Regional Results:


The next graph is particularly useful for regional business or even companies looking at open up business in certain areas.  It show a map of the USA and the darker the color the larger the number of searches per month.  It also list the top states that search for dogs, cats, and rats on Google.  These maps and charts can go all the way down to the city.  This would be extremely useful a company looking at opening pet shops.  He would see that Colorado is the most interested in Dogs and then he could click on Colorado and see that Denver has the most searches for dogs in the state.   This may be an indication that Denver would be a good place to open a dog shop.   You can use this graph to find great SEO niches that might not be filled in certain regions.


Popular related term and Terms on the Rise:


The final graph shows other highly searched related terms, and terms that have really been increasing in volume.  This is a great SEO terms because it can help you think of terms that you had never thought of.  Good SEO is all about finding winnable terms that your company can win.  It is probably unrealistic for someone to think they could get on the first page for dog, but it is possible to rank for the term “alpha dog” or “rescue dog.”  Terms on the rise is even more valuable because this can help you position your website for terms that might not even be popular yet, but are going to be.  The competition is probably minimal and you can get in before people realize the potential.

In conclusion:

Google insight is awesome.  It combines a lot of features from other Google tools and really help people interested in SEO by giving them really valuable information.

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