Web Directories: Valuable link Building

Web directories are excellent ways to build valuable links to your website. Although ideally you would like to have people just naturally linking to your content or your homepage because they simply love your site. This ,however, does not always happen and until you build your websites credibility with Google it may be even difficult for you to be found on the internet. Directories are a great way to help build your website. It gives you valuable like juice and may even direct real people to your site. Most directories don’t cost money either so there really is no reason why you wouldn’t want to submit your website to the directories.  It does take a lot of time, but if you are serious about your website you will take the trouble and time and find directories in your related area.

The reason I created this page is that I am taking my own advice as far as the importance of website directories.  I have actually created this page for three reason. The first is just to inform my reader about how valuable directories are. The Second reason is actually that many directories require reciprocal links in order to link to your site (see they are not so generous). The best directories would be ones that don’t require links like Technorati, but the other directories are useful too. So I created this page so I could list the reciprocal links. This page is not just link farming page because It will be list valuable directories that you as a SEO specialist may also want to use. So this page is a win win for everyone. I get a link from the directories, the directories get their links, and you, my loyal readers get a list of useful directories. I really do hope these directories are useful to you.


List of Useful Web Directories

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