Study Abroad in Scotland II

Ok this is blog number 2. It is a little longer coming then I had hoped but I have been busy and did not get around to doing it until now. Well, I think I left off in the middle of Fresher’s week. Fresher’s week was ok it is actually just like Grove City’s but drawn out into a week-long process. All the Students have that terrible look on their face that says, “I have never been away from home before and I am lonely, please be my friend.”... Read More

Study Abroad in Scotland I

So people said I should start a blog, but I thought it would be a waste of time. However, people kept persisting so I decided to write a blog/journal thing of my adventures in Scotland. Well my adventure begins with me actually the day before I actually left for Scotland. I had just finished a phone interview and was looking at my email when my parents told me to go answer the door. Who should be there but the MAIL MAN!!!! No it was not my mail man... Read More