Peyton Hillis Great 2011 Fantasy Football PPR Player (Underrated)

Peyton Hillis with Cleveland Browns

  Peyton Hillis is a top 30 player in just about every fantasy football rating you look at.  That not bad for a fullback traded for a back up quarterback. Peyton Hillis has emerged as the Cleveland  Browns premier running back and exploded last year rushing for 1177 yards, 13 touch downs, and 61 receptions for 477 yards.  Peyton Hillis went from a no name player to the cover of Madden (Which for the superstitious is a bad thing because Madden Cover Players are believed to have terrible years!). PPR Fantasy Football said that Peyton Hillis was one of last years best sleeper picks.  Because of all this hype fantasy owners have started to think that…

Defenseless Receiver: The NFL’s Contradictions

Defenseless Receiver getting hit by CB

In the last two weeks (weeks 5 and 6) of the 2010 NFL season there have been 6 players injured (Mohamed Massaquoi, Joshua Cribbs, Jordan Shipley, Todd Heap, DeSean Jackson, and Dunta Robinson) due to illegal hits, either helmet to helmet or defenseless receivers. Hard hits sell tickets and no professional organization is better at making money than the NFL. For years they have praised defensive stars, like Ray Lewis; but now that players are getting hurt more often, they are turning against them. This is not the players fault. This is a natural progression resulting from players being put in a culture where they are told to be as ruthless as possible and praised for it when they succeed. The NFL is shocked and outraged that players would do something like that. They only care that “high-value” players are getting hurt by “low-value” players.

Sport’s Blog Take I: Here Goes Nothing

There have been few things in my life that have given me greater pleasure in life, and this blog is where I, Ford Jordan, express my opinions about the Sports world.

3-4 Defense

Why is it called a 3-4 defense? In football there are three types of defensive areas: Defensive Line, Defensive Linebackers, and Defensive Secondary.  The numbers in 3-4 start the line of Scrimmage and work their way out.  So the 3 refers to the Defense having three defensive lineman.  The three Defensive lineman consist of two Defensive Ends, and one Nose Tackle.  The 4 refers to the defense having 4 Defensive Linebackers.  The Linebackers would consist of 2 Outside Linebackers and  2 Middle Linebackers.  The third layer would then have 4 secondary which is not mentioned in the scheme.  the 4 secondary would usually consist of 2 Corner-backs and 2 Safeties. I have included a picture for your visual…