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Wise Economic Decisions Part 2


This is the 2nd part in a 4 part series which discusses the ideas of recessions and there devastating effects.  It points out that well most people are destroyed in  these terrible recessions some people actually thrive and become exceedingly wealthy.  This paper tries to look at similarities between these entrepreneurs and hope to gain some insight from the past.  My hope is that the reader will find this series interesting and helpful.  If you have question, comments, or even suggestions on future topics please feel free to comment on the blog or email me on my Contact Me page. The works cited page will be included on the 4th part in this series: Throughout America’s history it has had a habit of…


Buy the Verizon’s Motorola Droid Bionic XT875 for $199.99!

Verizon's thinnest 4g phone Motorola XT875 Droid Bionic

It is finally here ! Verizon’s Motorola Droid Bionic (XT875) looks like it is currently the best phone on the market.  This phone is meant to compete and beat the iPhone 5.  Motorola has also faced pressure with the resurgent in popularity of  Microsoft Smartphone operating system.  The Android Bionic (XT875) is Motorola’s answers to all of these Challenges.  It will be Motorola’s first 4G phone on Verizon’s super fast network.  It is also extremely Sleek and thin making it Verizon’s thinnest 4G phone.  This phone is going to be more powerful then some laptops and will have a dual core processor which will substantially length the battery life of Motorola’s 4G phone.  The main problem people are having with 4G is the…


Peyton Hillis Great 2011 Fantasy Football PPR Player (Underrated)

Peyton Hillis with Cleveland Browns

  Peyton Hillis is a top 30 player in just about every fantasy football rating you look at.  That not bad for a fullback traded for a back up quarterback. Peyton Hillis has emerged as the Cleveland  Browns premier running back and exploded last year rushing for 1177 yards, 13 touch downs, and 61 receptions for 477 yards.  Peyton Hillis went from a no name player to the cover of Madden (Which for the superstitious is a bad thing because Madden Cover Players are believed to have terrible years!). PPR Fantasy Football said that Peyton Hillis was one of last years best sleeper picks.  Because of all this hype fantasy owners have started to think that…


Buy Madden NFL 12 and get $20 off

Madden 2012 Cover image

It is finally here! Madden 2012 has been released today.   This is one of the most anticipated versions of Madden yet.  It is selling in stores for $59.99 but if you order it from Amazon while they still have their promotion you get a $20 credit to amazon and the exclusive all Freshman and Sophomore teams in Madden.  It comes with free shipping and I guess you will have to wait, but you will be saving a lot of money.  Reviews have said they can’t believe how realistic it looks and they love all the new features!  I am super excited for this years Madden.  The Browns are finally decent in a video game!   Click…


Hebrews: A Biblical Study Guide on the Book of Hebrews

Hebrews Chapter 11 Great Cloud of witnesses

Author: The author of the book does not identify himself, but he was obviously well known to the believers he was writing to.  From 400 AD to 1600 AD, it was thought that Paul had written the letter.  However, scholars have never found evidence to support that people from the time it was written thought the letter was authored by Paul.  Consequently, people today generally think Paul isn’t the author.   The writer in 2:3 says, “This salvation, which was first announced by the Lord, was confirmed to us by those who heard him.”  So this would lead us to believe that the writer was a strong Christian in the early church, who was saved by…


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Building a successful website

I created a centralized page that has all the useful information Ford has created for successfully developing and maintaining a websites and great tools to help.

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AOL Big Secret: Taking SEO very Seriously

AOL search engines

It was discovered that AOL plans to completely redo the way they produce content.  This is only two years into their CEO, Tim Armstrong,  tenure at AOL.  He plans to completely amp up their SEO efforts.  Before this writers would just write articles and use the AOL portal as a way to advertise for their articles. With AOL continuing to lose market share this will not continue to be sustainable. There is also a huge opportunities for companies who intentionally and optimize their articles for SEO.  Tim Armstrong said that they would be amping up their production of content as well as training all of their staff how to effectively optimize article and think with an SEO mindset. Changes…


Google’s Keys to SEO in 2011

Google and Social Networks

In a Google Webmaster Video dated March 7, 2011, Matt Cutts talked about “If you were an SEO of a large company, what would you include in your 2011 strategy?”  In this video he talked about several things that are becoming increasingly important.  These are issues that might not be commonly thought of in search engine optimization, but are extremely important to effectively optimize your site.  The three, really four, things that Matt mentioned were site speed, good internal link, continual education on SEO, and social media integration with your site.  the last point that Matt Cutts brought up is important because it means that Google is acknowledging that social media needs to be an integral part of…


Quintura: Visual Search Keyword Tool

SEO, Search engine, keyword tools

Usually the hardest part of doing something is inspiration.  SEO is no different, over half of the battle in optimizing a site is picking and finding winnable keywords.  Sometimes thinking of the different variations of keywords can be extremely difficult. In order to think of the effective keywords you need to be able to put yourself in the shoes of your customers and think of words or phrase that they would type into search engines to look for the product or service you are trying to sell.  That can be challenging enough as it is, but if you are in a mature market where most of the main key words have already been optimized for SEO.  You…


The Internet: An Open Source Community

open source community The Internet

Have you ever noticed how most things on the internet are free? Or how the demo versions are as good as the real versions? How there are people who write blogs about solving problems for things they could have charged people for, but they did it for free?  This phenomenon is called Open Source. Wikipedia defines open source as a term that describes practices in production and development that promote access to the end product’s source materials. It means that people show you exactly how they got their answer or made their products; there are no secrets everything is shown to you.  Open source is a methodology that the internet community strives for.  The Internet community want…


Google Insight: Comparative Keyword Tool

Google Insight-Ford Jordan new

What is Google Insight? There are a lot of really great keyword tools on the internet for SEO. One of the coolest ones I just recently discovered was Google Insight. Google insight is a keyword tool that is similar to Google Analytics, Google AdWords tool, or FreeKeyword.Tracker. Google Insight offers a lot more customization and has some unique powerful tools for SEO. For example Google AdWords Tool allows you to search for a keyword and tells you how many times that keyword is searched a month in the world and in the USA. If you are a small business or a regional company those results are not very helpful. Google instant allows the user to specify by…


The Internet: A Different Culture, Breaking Social Norms


The business world of the internet is a very unique place to work, especially compared to other business environments.  Internet companies are extremely free thinking and put a lot of emphasis on enjoying work and expressing ones self.  It is very much a relaxed environment where everyone is trying to help everyone else succeed.  This is a stark contrast to other businesses in corporate America where making a profit is the chief goal and employees are just expenses that hurt the bottom line.  Industrial companies like GE that have a strict policies on getting rid of the bottom 10% of their company verses companies like Google that make its employees take mandatory breaks and relax.  Google also…


Google Algorithm Changes and Its Effects

Google Algorithm Changes and the Effects Ford Jordan

There has been a recent stir in the Internet and SEO community.  This is due to Google’s algorithm change that happened sometime mid-February.  Google is always striving to improve their search engine algorithm.  The goal of Google is to allow users type in any word on their search engine and instantly the most relevant content on the web appear for the user.  Google is usually constantly changing their algorithm, but the changes are usually minimal.  There most recent change however is thought to have affected as much as 17 percent of the web.  Companies like CNN said that it shifted around 1 billion dollars in their portfolio.  Companies like said the change cost them…


The Internet: Destroying Entry Barriers

Internet destroys Barriers to compete

The Internet changed everything.  No other invention has revolutionized our world the way the internet has.  The computer came the closes to potentially affecting us more, but the internet tore geographic barriers.  It allows people on different continents to talk effortlessly through chatting or email. It has opened up limitless opportunities.  With the power of the internet a small business owner can instantly have access to the world market and compete with industry giants like Wal-Mart or GE. Before the invention of the internet if a person were given the choice of being an average American Student or a genius in Bangladesh, India the American student would be the better choice because the American student…


Drop box Account Referral (Get 500 MB Free)


I am making a post about Drop box because I just signed up for a free  account.   Drop box is an online storage system where you can keep files safe.  It is for keeping files, and you can invite people to share folders with you.  Once you have shared a folder with a person, you both have access to anything that is in that folder.  This is great for working on a project with people you are not near or for sending items that are too large to email.  It is a great program that is extremely well done.  It is easy to use and is a safe and secure way to transfer information.  Drop box is an important for…