Peyton Hillis Great 2011 Fantasy Football PPR Player (Underrated)

  Peyton Hillis is a top 30 player in just about every fantasy football rating you look at.  That not bad for a fullback traded for a back up quarterback. Peyton Hillis has emerged as the Cleveland  Browns premier running back and exploded last year rushing for 1177 yards, 13 touch downs, and 61 receptions for 477 yards.  Peyton Hillis went from a no name player to the cover of Madden (Which for the superstitious is a bad... Read More

Buy Madden NFL 12 and get $20 off

It is finally here! Madden 2012 has been released today.   This is one of the most anticipated versions of Madden yet.  It is selling in stores for $59.99 but if you order it from Amazon while they still have their promotion you get a $20 credit to amazon and the exclusive all Freshman and Sophomore teams in Madden.  It comes with free shipping and I guess you will have to wait, but you will be saving a lot of money.  Reviews have said they... Read More

Defenseless Receiver: The NFL’s Contradictions

Quick Overview of the Events: In the last two weeks (weeks 5 and 6) of the 2010 NFL season there have been 6 players injured (Mohamed Massaquoi, Joshua Cribbs, Jordan Shipley, Todd Heap, DeSean Jackson, and Dunta Robinson) due to illegal hits, either helmet to helmet or defenseless receivers.  The NFL and its owners have said that this is unacceptable and they will be cracking down.  5 of 6 players that received concussions were in... Read More

3-4 Defense

Why is it called a 3-4 defense? In football there are three types of defensive areas: Defensive Line, Defensive Linebackers, and Defensive Secondary.  The numbers in 3-4 start the line of Scrimmage and work their way out.  So the 3 refers to the Defense having three defensive lineman.  The three Defensive lineman consist of two Defensive Ends, and one Nose Tackle.  The 4 refers to the defense having 4 Defensive Linebackers.  The Linebackers... Read More