Quintura: Visual Search Keyword Tool

Usually the hardest part of doing something is inspiration.  SEO is no different, over half of the battle in optimizing a site is picking and finding winnable keywords.  Sometimes thinking of the different variations of keywords can be extremely difficult. In order to think of the effective keywords you need to be able to put yourself in the shoes of your customers and think of words or phrase that they would type into search engines to look for... Read More

The Internet: Destroying Entry Barriers

The Internet changed everything.  No other invention has revolutionized our world the way the internet has.  The computer came the closes to potentially affecting us more, but the internet tore geographic barriers.  It allows people on different continents to talk effortlessly through chatting or email. It has opened up limitless opportunities.  With the power of the internet a small business owner can instantly have access to the world market... Read More

WeplaySports.com: A Story of finding Niches Online

Weplay Sports is an online sporting goods store founded in 1982.  The store is family owned and the major positions are family operated.  Weplay sports, unlike most websites, also has an actual storefront where you can walk right in and buy whatever you want.  They supply equipment for almost every mainstream team sport you can think of. They also offer sports collectibles and memorabilia for the Indians, Browns, Yankees, and Brooklyn Dodgers. ... Read More