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Having Fun in PragueWelcome to FordJordan.com.  Fordjordan.com is a place where I can write about the thought that are important to me.  I would encourage you to explore the site.  I write on a variety of issues.  I have five blogs SEO/ Web ConsultingEntrepreneur’s Corner, Sports Lover’s Report, Traveling Adventures, and Random Thought.  I created this site to share information and help other people.  I don’t claim to be a world renowned expert, but I have learned a fair amount of information along the way.  I have vast amount of knowledge on WordPress, SEO, and other topics related to business and economic.   I hope all this information will be helpful.  Here is a more in depth description of Ford’s blogs:


SEO/ Web Consulting

Helping you master the world of the Web.  This is where I write help, tips, advice, and techniques for blogging, WordPress, WordPress Plugins, Web Design, and ways to succeed in this changing environment.



Entrepreneur’s Corner

Ford Jordan’s Blog on issues related to issues that accountant and businessmen face everyday, observations on changes in the business environment, and entrepreneurial opportunities in the current market.



Sports Lover’s Report

There have been few things in my life that have given me greater pleasure than sports. Although my teams rarely win, I still love and support them. I felt I must have a place where I could express my opinions. I am warning my readers up front that I am a huge Cleveland homer.


Traveling Adventures

Ford Jordan Tells about his adventures traveling the world. The places he saw and the people met. Stories can include anything from stories of traveling to the grocery store or to another continent. Enjoy!



Random Thought

Ford Jordan shares his thought on general things that he cares about. This blog is just about current topics that are important to Ford. There is not particular category, just the random thought of Ford Jordan, and that can be a dangerous thing. 🙂


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