Drop box Account Referral (Get 500 MB Free)

I am making a post about Drop box because I just signed up for a free  account.   Drop box is an online storage system where you can keep files safe.  It is for keeping files, and you can invite people to share folders with you.  Once you have shared a folder with a person, you both have access to anything that is in that folder.  This is great for working on a project with people you are not near or for sending items that are too large to email.  It is a great program that is extremely well done.  It is easy to use and is a safe and secure way to transfer information.  Drop box is an important for helping people work together more efficiently.   Drop box is a perfect example of how the internet is an open-source community.  The internet community values sharing information in an effort to create a better product.  This shows an extreme shift in viewing business, because Drop box is a better way to help people connect and work efficiently with other people.  Unfortunately, with the free account you only get 2 gigs of free space which I have filled up.  If you invite a friend however you get 500 megabytes of free space and the person who signs up with you gets 250 megabytes of free space as well.   They will give you up to 16 gigs of free space through recommending people.  So it is a win-win for all parties involved.  I am posting a link to sign up for Drop box and if you install it on your computer with this link, we both get the extra free space.  Please Sign up by clicking on the link below.

Here it is:

Click to download Drop box

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