I Tied the Knot “I am a Married Man!”

The Big Announcement:

In Generally Ford Jordan.com is not really a personal blog.  I would like and always envisioned the website to have more of a professional feel to it.  The topics on Ford Jordan.com are topics that I care deeply about, but the site has  never been just a personal diary.  This is something I have tried to stay away from, not that it would be the worst thing, just not what I wanted for my site.  I wanted Ford Jordan.com to plenty of information that would be very useful to all sorts of people.  There are, however, a few exceptions,  events in a person’s life that are so important it is essential that they have and need to be told or announced.  (I am also pretty excited about this and I thought this would be a fun way to tell the world, kind of like a Facebook status on steroids :).)  If you haven’t guessed what I have been talking about or if you somehow didn’t notice the title of this post.  I am talking about getting married.  I am using this post and Ford Jordan.com to tell the world that I am an officially married man.  But I am not only married, but I have the unique honor to be married to the beautiful Jessica Ruth Jordan (formerly Jessica Ruth Vernon 🙂 ).


Jess Vernon or Jessica Vernon

Isn't she beautiful, that my future wife!


Our Background:

We met in an accounting class at Grove City College.  It is not the most romantic beginning, but we were both accounting majors at GCC and our lives are run by order and rules.  I am a terrible note taker and I knew she took great notes and with a big test was coming up I needed help, well . . . the rest is history.  On a side note my GPA also went up from a 3.06 to a 3.39.  Not to shabby if I do say so myself.  Anyway back to my recap, we date for about a year and a half and then I asked her to marry me and She said Yes!  I was surprised too.  We have had some ups and downs, but for the most part things have gone great.  We got engaged in August and were to be married in June.


Planning a Wedding:

I thought 9 months was plenty of time to plan a wedding.  Wedding aren’t difficult, it is like a giant cookout.  It would be easy.  (I would like to point out that I might of had a few miss conceptions at that time we got engaged and I related very well with the feelings of Steve Martin in father of the bride.)  I would like to say that I loved every part of the process, but “at times”  the wedding planning was a bit much for me and added a lot of stress and tension to Jess and I’s relationship.  I think that is the real reason why people should have big weddings because if your relationship can handle all that stress it can handle anything.  Wedding planning wasn’t all bad there were lots of fun things mixed in with the drudgery and stress.  I had a blast doing the registry with Jess, and planning the honeymoon and picking the wedding meal was also great.  Parts of the wedding were  a lot of fun, but other parts became tainted with the weight of trying to make everyone happy. (Which let me tell you now, you can’t make everyone happy so don’t try.  You will just end up stressed.)  I do need to give credit where credit is deserved Jess’ Parents and Jess did an excellent job of planning and taking care of all the little details.  Almost all of the wedding plans were finished by the last week of the wedding, and we were able to use that last week to relax.


Right before the Wedding:

I also hadn’t seen Jess in two weeks because I was trying to get our house ready for after the wedding.  So Jess came up on Wednesday before the wedding and went to “Little Italy” in Cleveland and had a wonderful date.  I would highly recommend taking sometime before the wedding to just relax.  It just sets the tone for the whole thing.  Thursday most of my closest friends came up and celebrated my bachelor party with me.  It was a great time of hanging out and fellowship.  Went went to a pool hall and then we went to the Hofbräuhaus in Pittsburgh.  They was plenty of singing and laughing for  everyone.  It might have gotten a little to fun, but all’s well that ends well.

Friday morning we went to the hall and started setting up for the reception.  This is were Jess and her parents shined because all of their planning made Setting up the hall was really easy and the hall looked great (due to all of Jess’ Parents and Jess’ planning).  That night we had the wedding rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner.

Everything went great.  I am a people person.  I love my family and friends more than anything else in this world (except for God, but he is in a whole different category).  So for me the reason you have a wedding is to share this wonderful experience with everyone you care about.  This was exactly what I felt like happened.  The rehearsal was a great time to just spend quality time with the people I cared so much about.  Who would have thought that as good as all this was the wedding would blow everything  else out of the water.



The Big Day:

We were married on June 18th, 2011 in the year of our Lord.  It was the perfect wedding.  I couldn’t be happier.  Everything went great.  Even little things like the fact that I love the cold and hate the heat.  I blame this on my Russian-Siberian Blood.  I was made for Russian Winters and love being cold.  Needless to say I was dreading having to wear a tuxedo all day in an extremely hot and humid chapel in the middle of June.  I thought I was going to die.  But the week up to our wedding had been cold so the chapel was nice and cool.  The temperature for the day was perfect.  It warm with a breeze.  Pastor Bob gave a great message, the chapel looked great, and Jess looked so beautiful.

Jessica Jordan (new name)


I am not really a sentimental kind of person, but Jess is and she insisted that we not see each other the day of the wedding.  To be honest I always thought that this was a stupid rule (I didn’t tell her that), but I agreed to follow it because of Jess.  She was right though.  Jess looked great!  I was so happy to see her and it was worth the wait, it just made the whole ceremony so much better.  The whole time I just kept think about how beautiful she was and how luckyI was to be marring her.


After the wedding my Uncle Micheal took our wedding pictures and he did a great job.  The Reception was also wonderful.  Our reception hall looked fabulous and everyone was really impressed with how it looked. As I said up above it is all about the people for me.  I loved how I got to see all the people Jess and I cared about together and share this special moment with us.  We danced and talked the night away.  Jess and I ended up leaving at around 6:30 (we were excited to start our honeymoon).

All and all I thought it was the perfect wedding and I wanted to let everyone know my I thoughts about it, and to tell everyone that I am happily off the dating market forever!

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